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A day trip…


Photobucket I have mentioned our little trip wednesday to south Oklahoma for lunch. I took some pictures and thought I would share them with you today. This little town we went to eat at is called Meer’s. It’s very near the Witchita Mts. wildlife refuge. The Witchita Mountains run along the southern part of the state and it is written that at one time in our earth’s history they rivaled the Great Rockies. The refuge is a large area near Lawton Oklahoma. Also Fort Sill is located in Lawton and large area of the mountain area next to the refuge is used by the military to shoot off their large guns. Many times here on the farm, many miles away, we have heard and felt the effect of those guns being shot. Also the refuge has a large herd of Buffalo on it and long horn cattle. The Buffalo are allowed to roam anywhere on the refuge and often you’ll see one right next to the road, very close. There are warnings though not to get close and if you saw one up close I don’t think you’d want to as they are a massive animal. One was very close to get a good picture, but I did get my camera out in time. Also on the refuge is an outdoor theater complex called The Holy City, the area there closely resembles the kind of scenery and land of Israel, very rocky and sparse. This was built many years ago and a big production of the time leading up to and after the reserrection of Jesus and it is always put on on Easter. There is a chapel there that is just beautiful and you are allowed to walk the ground where the play goes on. They have areas too where you can picnic. Years ago when the children were little we went down to see the play. It starts in the night very late till the dawn. There is only seating on the ground or you bring lawn chairs or blankets. It is so rocky though that often you are not able to be very comfortable, lol. We got there and were up on the hill when our daughter got very sick and so we had to leave before it started. We’ve never had the opportunity to return during the time of the play, but I’ve been told many times it’s just awesome and truly a must see.

The little town of Meer’s only has about 3 buildings, but one is a cafe store that’s been there for ages. For years it was known for it Buffalo burgers, but for a long time now they use long horn cattle beef instead. Yet they still are an attraction and people come from all over to eat there. JD, Em and Preston have been, but I wasn’t well that day. So this time JD wanted to go again and I was up to going. This first pictures is of our drive coming into the mountain areas. It shows the kind of weather we are having since last week and is expected to last thru at least this coming monday. I know much of it is attributed to Ike coming to shore, but also many other factors. It was so dark and dreary and the clouds hid the tops of the mountains, as this picture shows while we were driving along. Also had a light rain all day as you can see.


Driving into The Holy City area, I tried to capture a full view. You’ll have to look close to see all the buildings as they were cloaked in a mist.


Getting closer I saw this section of land and thought it showed how rocky and sparse the area was. It truly in my opinion so closely resembled the terrain of the real Holy Land.


This is a view from the public facility there of the entrance. To the right behind the trees is the chapel. The large structure was the temple in Jerusalem and over to the far left of the picture were the three crosses up on a hill. It’s such a great natural setting for this story. Maybe one day yet I will be able and well enough to see the play.


As we were driving through the refuge and surrounding areas we notice this site. A windmill farm. You could barely make out these huge windmill structures because of the weather and JD could even tell that the blades were turning, where it took me quite awhile before I saw them, lol. You can see 5 of them pretty clearly in this picture atop the hill, but they were lined up for many miles. I’ve seen windmills in Oklahoma scatterd about for years, but this is on a much more larger scale than I’ve ever seen. Guess we are working towards more natural resources for generating power. lol.


So ended our little day trip, we were gone about 4 hours total and it was a nice change of scenery. Even the light rain was not a bother. Four hours in the car though was about enough as my back was starting to bother me a lot, even with the stops and getting out. Maybe we’ll have other short day trips to interesting places in the future, if so I will of course share. *smiles*

It’s Friday so I thought I would share my two favorite meme’s today. We’re expecting thunder and lightening storms over the week-end so may not be on. Here is my Saturday Special for this week.

~~Creative Adventure XVII ~ Fill In The Blanks~

1. While driving home from a ride in the countryside, you happen to spot a large victorian type old-fashioned general store at the end of a side road. Thinking it might be nice to buy something to take home, you drive up the long driveway and can’t help noticing how many other cars and trucks are already there, so it must be a very interesting place and I’m anxious to see what is inside. I am apprehensive though as it seems terribly busy.

2. Parking the car anyway, you walk up the steps to a big front porch that wraps around the building. Upon reaching the door you see a long line of people waiting to even get inside. I notice a nice row of chairs and benches and am able to see while JD waits in line to get in. I’m glad as I know that it would of been a real stress for me to stand and wait for so long.

3. Once inside the store you wander around and up the four floors and can’t help but notice you are the only one there except for for the many who already were there before us. I see that they not only are shopping around, but awaiting to be seated in the resturant part of the building.

4. Finally leaving the general store, you remember to remind yourself that even though it was a long wait, the store and food were excellent and you hope to return to visit there again someday, but deep down hope that it’s not as crowded so you can really enjoy the atmosphere and take the time to browser the store more leisurely.

Here is my Friday Fun

1. You are in an adventurous mood. Do you go deep sea diving or sky diving? (Thanks to Donovan for this one!) Any idea where you would like to do it? – Deep sea diving off the coast of mexico
2. You just won an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world. Do you go to Japan or to France? Why? (Locations courtesy once again from my helpful son!) – France to see the beautiful castles, the Effile tower in person and the French countryside.
3. You meet a stingy genie that will only grant one wish. Do you wish for more money or a better body? Why? – A better body as I messed this one up. lol
4. You have $50 burning a hole in your pocket. Do you head to the book store or to a spa? What would you get? – Book store to purchase some books I’ve been wanting to read.
5. It is time for a caffeine jolt. Do you go for the coffee pot or for the soda? Any favorites? – in the soda of course. I’m truly a Diet Dr. Pepper addict, and not the caffeine free either.

Guess that’s about it for this time. I’ll be around to visit throughout the day. Till next time.

God Bless you and
utterly satifsy
your heart…
with Himself.

~ Amy Carmichael ~



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Photobucket Hello friends. Been rather a busy week here all in all. I went over to Em’s last sat for awhile or it might of been Sunday, I often lose track of what day it is. Something happened to our A/C and it quit running, but before I discovered it I smelled smoke and ended up turning it off at the box. We believe the fan burned up. I have been without since sat and even with 8 fans scattered throughout the house it’s been pretty darn uncomfortable. Tonight though we went to WalMart and bought a 110, 10,000 btu window unit that JD will install tomorrow in our bedroom so I can at least get a good nights sleep and be able to use my CPAP machine. I haven’t been able to use it as the humidity is so high that I simply cannot tolerate the mask on my face. Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll finally get a decent nights sleep. I can bear the heat and even the house during the day. I can get comfortable and relax well enough, but I just find it impossible to sleep until the wee hours when I am feel I just fall asleep from exhaustion and it’s alot cooler finally.

I went monday night and had another sleep study done at the doctor’s request. I did sleep well, *smiles* as the room was cool and so comfortable. I was rather disappointed though as I had hoped that I would be able to not have such a high CPAP setting and could go without any oxygen bleed in, but the tech told me that she titrated me at 15 with a 3 liter oxygen bleed in, which is just ever so slightly lower than what I am now, 17 with a 4 liter oxygen bleed in. She told me that when I enter REM sleep my O2 sats just bottom out and I still quit breathing a lot. So even with this 30 lb. weight loss and probably even more it looks as though I’ll always require the high setting and O2. Not the greatest news. :o( But on to better news.

The last remenants of TS Dolly came through and we got rain tuesday, though not enough and the temps were a bit cooler although the humidity was and still is bad. JD and I decided to go for a breakfast biscuit when he picked me up that tuesday morning and then we went and voted in the primary elections here before going home. We had a good friend running for sheriff, but sadly he placed second and didn’t win the spot.

When Emily came out sat. I and the pups went in to town with her. I decided to take them to the groomer’s, the very first time for PL, as my sil told me they take walk ins alot. We dropped them off about 1:30 and by 4:00 they were ready to pick up. They both got a good bath, nails trimmed and dipped. They had adorable blue gingham bandana’s on and blue nail polish. I was pleasantly surprised that doing both was only twenty dollars! I guess it’s because they are short haired and didn’t require any hair cutting or grooming except a brushing, lol. As it’s so reasonable I plan to take them once a month now to be bathed and dipped, and be pampered a bit. PL had never even had his nails trimmed before. He looked so good and Petey too. Both being males they do get along well and Petey is always trying to get PL to play with him. He did a lot when we first got Petey, but now he just mostly ignores him, lol.

Photobucket Here are a few pictures taken at our family get together at Bec and Jim’s for the 4th. We had a barbecue for the immediate family and swam, with family from Dad’s brother, Uncle J.L. and some of his family. I have a few more and they are larger set up at flickr, which here is the url if you’d like to see them larger and a few more. http://www.flickr.com/photos/plspackleader/sets/72157606454913341/ below are 2 from the set.


This is one of two from Eli’s 1st birthday party which was on May 23rd.

Preston, Maddie

Preston and Maddie at the get together. Pop over to flickr to see the rest.

Well guess that about brings you up to date on my doings for the past week. My friend Melanie’s tagged me for this game. First are the rules.

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write 6 random things about yourself.
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged, leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

My 6 Random things about myself.

1. I finally totally quit smoking as of May after my surgery
2. I walk with a quad cane now due to my bad right knee
3. I still make noises even wearing the CPAP (according to JD, lol)
4. I’ll only drink bottled water, not tap
5. I love the show Clean House on Style network
6. I can draw my S.S. in a year and a half

I’ll be tagging
1. Liz
2. Kathy
3. Rachel
4. Dru
5. Princess
6. Judy

Also I really miss doing Ton’s Saturday Special so I will be doing the previous friday’s on the following thursday, lol. Here is the one for July 26th.

~Summer Favorites~

1. Favorite Summer Activity: Swimming

2. Favorite Summer Meal: a light meal, mostly Salad’s

3. Favorite Thirst Quencher: to quench plain ole Water!

4. Favorite Summer Weather: any day with the temp’s 80 or below

Well that about covers it for this week. I’ll be visiting everyone. Till next week……

Happiness is a butterfly
which when persued,
is always just beyond your
grasp, but which, if you
sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.

~ Nathaniel Hawthorne ~


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Photobucket I wasn’t online much yesterday as I kept having problems with my broadband. No pages would load fully and it kept disconnecting so I just quit messing with it. Today it seems better. I took some photos yesterday of P.L. and Petey and thought I’d share a few with you today. The first is of the two of them playing together inside, then the two of them outside and last of Petey exploring the what I call the hole. It was where we tried to put the base for a big tv antenna that an uncle gave us, but rock kept us from finishing it up.




I met with a former co-worker for lunch yesterday actually there were suppose to be three of us, but one was called in to work. The other I hadn’t seen for several years and we had the nicest talk, catching up with each other. We exchange emails and phone numbers in hopes to keep in better touch. Emily came on her lunch hour and had her lunch with us. So it was a nice afternoon out for me. When I got home that is when I took the camera outside and got the pictures of P.L. and Petey. They love being outside. If it weren’t so windy I’d probably sit out longer, but the days are really mild most of the time and I usually get a bit chilled and after about 20 minutes am ready to come back in. Yesterday though it got up into the 80’s and the wind was really calm for a change. Of course the humidity was horrible.

Well Marissa was voted off DWTS last night. I knew she was going as the other 3 were more popular. I was sad to see her go, but so glad that the fans kept her in through the semi finals. I suspect that Kristi will win it, she is very popular with the fans and a good dancer. My vote though goes to Cristain (sp?) The rest of the evening I just did a few chores and then went to bed. This next week Emily and Michael will be heading out to go on their cruise with Michaels sister, brother and their spouses. We’ll have Preston from either Sat. or Sunday until Wednesday and then he’ll go and stay with his other Nana till they return the following Sat. This will be the first long separation for Preston from mom and dad, but since he is staying with us and his other Nana I believe he’ll make it ok. I’m sure he’ll cry some missing mommy, but I usually can calm him quickly with lots of cuddling and love. *smiles* At least I hope so. Emily of course is not happy about being gone from him this long, but I told her he’d be fine and to enjoy the trip. She is not that crazy about the ocean or doing a cruise and looks more forward to next year when she plans to take Preston and they go to the mountains for their vacation and camp. That is more her style for sure. lol..

I missed out on the Ten on Tuesday yesterday so thought I’d post it today.

10 Things You’re Really Good At

1. crocheting
2. counted cross stitching
3. cutting my own hair
4. spoiling my puppies
5. being loyal
6. being a Grammie
7. forgetting important dates, like birthdays, I’m always late
8. cooking gooloush, lol
9. giving directions, when we travel
10. Floating, I simply can’t sink! lol..

Not much else to chatter about. I owe tons of visits so will plan on spending the afternoon catching up with everyone. Till next time….

Joy is not happiness so
much as gladness;
it is the ecstasy of eternity
in a soul that has made
peace with God.

~ Author Unknown ~


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Photobucket Meet Petey. This is the newest member of the family given to me by Cliff and Valarie April 30th. He is about 7 weeks old and is a red short-haired dauschund (doxie). I had expressed once in awhile about having another doxie and Val found this one. I was sure that P.L. could use a friend. *smiles* As all puppies he is a live wire, playing alot, then sleeping alot and poopin and peeing a lot, lol… We are trying to potty train, but with my bad knee I have difficulty getting to him fast enough to get him outside. I take him and P.L. out about every 2 hours and let them stay and play for 20 to 30 minutes in hopes that he will get the idea of another reason he will be going outside. So far it’s been more miss than hit. Luckily he is small and the messes are not hard to clean up. I do hope it get’s better, if not I’m not sure I can keep him. Again he and P.L. get along really well. They are always playing together which is good as then I can keep a better eye on him. Here is a picture of them playing. P.L. is very gentle and the pup very aggressive, lol


He likes for me to hold him fairly often and we play a bit too.


He will I believe keep me busy for awhile. Today I need to go and get a few groceries. JD is working the evening shift. Other wise nothing else is on the agenda except hopefully to get a bit of house cleaning done. At least as much as I can physically feel up to doing. We had thunder and lightening storms last night so shut the computer down. I didn’t see Dancing with the Stars either, but plan to watch tonight. Of course will be keeping an eye on how the primaries in Indiana and North Carolina went also. I have never heard of Myanmar in Burma, but I will pray for the people as a devasting Cyclone hit there. I would gather a cyclone is a lot like our tornado’s, probably stronger, but am not sure.

Not much else to chat about. Thought I’d do the Ten on Tuesday meme today.

May 6th – 10 Places You’d Love to Travel To (That You Haven’t Gone to Yet)

1. Maine to visit my friend Connie and see the east coast
2. NY state where my friend Toni lives. To see more of the eastern U.S.
3. England, to see the many places I read and watch about. To meet my online friends there
4. Switzerland to enjoy the beauty of the Alps.
5. Hawaii – and enjoyed the beautiful beaches
6. New Zeland – to see in person the beautiful places where the “LOTR” was filmed.
7. Austrailia to visit my online friend Julie and her beautiful country
8. Italy, the land of romance and great art
9. Egypt – to see the ruins of the pharohs
10. Jerusalem – to walk and see the places where my Savior Jesus lived, taught, died and arose.

Till next time….

If we are cheerful
and contented,
all nature smiles
the flowers are more
fragrant, the birds sing
more sweetly,
and the sun, moon,
and the starts all appear
more beautiful and seem
to rejoice with us.

~ Orison Swett Marden ~


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Cooled down


My computer states it’s 70º out right now and it was really cool this morning when I went over to Cliff’s around 10:45 am. I was there about 3 hours and Eli was asleep the whole time. Madison was up and watching cartoons. We had P&B sandwiches with cheeto’s for lunch. *smiles* We had a very nice visit, although I would of loved to seen Eli. It did hit 91º yesterday afternoon, so hard to believe that since today is more typical of what it’s been and totally cloudy. I don’t see rain though, although some storms were in the state last night.

Emily called me yesterday evening and really likes the new job, although it’s very different. She also misses going all day without seeing or being with Preston. Both of them will have an adjustment period, but in the end it will all work out. With 5 day’s at the lawyer’s office, she still plans to work for the SYA, special young adults, two nights a week. Friday and Saturday and will use that money to pay for day care. It’s such a shame that she feels she has to work those two nights in order to make it worth while to work. I really think that it’s just so unfair that most women have to work, but need to make enough to pay for day care and still make something. I do know that is why I worked the night shifts for all those years, so I wouldn’t have to pay for day care, but it does takes it toll on you both physically and mentally. Plus I wasn’t trying to go to college either. I just admire Emiy for having done that and survived. *smiles* Anyway she does like the job, but feels in a short time she’ll move up to a staff position. The receptionist job is just not all that difficult. They’ve already indicated that if she does well that they would want to move her up. It’s the second biggest law firm in the state, with 7 lawyers and 2 associates. So she should have interesting things to learn.

Here are 3 more pictures from the luncheon last saturday I thought I would share. The first is a close up of the cake I had made, then the next is Emily with her very best friend Becky. Lastly is a picture of me and Em. The rest are of her with family and other good friend and I’ll put them up on flicker later.

The cake

Emily and Becky

Emily and I

Dancing with the stars was very good last night. I don’t have any idea who will go, but some are saying Marlee Matlin is next. I really hope not. I am rooting for her to win. I believe the judges are being way to harsh on her. I danced for years, although it was not ballroom, but I am knowledgeable enough to know that when someone learns to dance who has never done it before cannot become on the level of a professional in the amount of time they are on this show. Yes some come close if not pro like enough, but they have some training in dance and movement. Kristi’s skating has given her and advantage over the other’s. That’s not bad, she is excellent and I love watching her. But you just can’t ignore the talent of Marlee with her inabliity to hear anything at all. It’s awsome, she is always on cue and to me never is that much off to warrant such harsh critisizm of the judges that she gets. Even if she doesn’t win I think she deserves some special acknowlegement for her achievement. I think Kristi will win, but I hope Marlee stay’s till that time. Ok enough of my rant over this. lol.. It’s such a great family show and entertainment, so that says a lot.

I keep missing the memes, which is no biggie really, but I do enjoy doing some of them. I am going to try harder to keep up. So I went to blog things to see what’s new in Quizzes and thought I’d take this oone about What’s normal about me and what’s not. Some of these are so funny and don’t fit, but they are rather fun.

You Are Fairly Normal

You scored 30% normal on this quizLike most people you are normal in some ways…But you aren’t a completely normal person. You’re a little weird too!

Why You Are Normal:

You would rather be an astronaut than a movie star

You prefer the sun to the moon

You think glasses can make someone more attractive

If you had to, you rather live without music and still have laughter

You eat the frosting first
Why You Aren’t Normal:

You think fishnet stockings are sexy

You are no longer with your first love

You’d rather have cockroaches than rats in your home

You find the Chicken Dance to be the more embarrassing dance

You don’t keep up with your horoscope


Till next time….

To be overcome by
the fragrance of flowers
is a delectable form
of defeat.

~ Beverly Nichols ~


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*Note*Kellie if you visit this sunday please send me your UN and PW as what I have doesn’t work. Thanks my sweet friend.

Another mild day and chilly due to the strong winds. I went over to Cliff’s for awhile this morning. Emily came over and brought a pair of jeans and 2 pants she would like for me to hem for her. Gave me a chance to get a few pictures, although by the time I got my camera out Eli was down for his nap. So I just got a few of Madison and Preston. Madison brought out her halloween costume that she got for her first halloween. She was 9 1/2 months old and it’s so funny that she can still wear it although the legs are a bit short. Guess she hasn’t grown a lot in height, *smiles*. It’s the Sharing Care Bear. She and Preston had a great time playing, they got along really well and were pretty calm as to what they usually are when they get together.

Share Care Bear

Maddie & Preston

The trio

I call the 3rd picture the meeting of the minds. I’m not sure what they were discussing, but I’m sure it was important. lol… I have a couple of blog friends who are taking off the week-ends. Not a bad idea. I am trying to post at least every other day. Usually on the week-end I will post on saturday and I spend a lot of my time visiting. JD is working and does work most week-ends so I have the time to spend. Next friday though is Emily’s graduation ceremony and that Saturday following we will be having her luncheon. I will probably be busy most of the day. I hope JD asks off for saturday so he can make the luncheon. Even if not maybe he can take his lunch at that time and come to the church. I’ll be sure and get plenty of pictures.

Not much else going on today. Not even anything worth watching on tv. I’ll be making a few visits. I made most of my blog roll last night. I am now thinking of what I am going to do for dinner. I borrowed a McCain button from my friend at 2 sisters on the right. I’ve decided he is going to get my vote this november. Also I want to thank my friend Princess for my newest award “You Light up My Life”. That is so special and I feel very humbled in that it is my hope to make my friends feel special and loved. She shared a very nice poem on her site when she showed her award and I would like to close with it for you all.

“Light gives of itself freely, filling available space. It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not there-fore diminished.” I think this award is to honor someone filled and radiating with compassion, concern and good.
From ~ Work of the Poet”s blog.


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It’s a very dreary rainy day here. JD and I went to the city where we had lunch at the Cattlemen’s cafe which is so good. It’s down in the city stockyards. We also went to a party supply store where I picked up some things for the special dinner we are having for Emily the saturday after she graduates from college with her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I did pretty good, although it was hard to shop taking time to find all I wanted. That is a big problem for me especially lugging around the portable oxygen. Lunch was great though a good salad and chicken fried steak. I was busting at the seams when we got done. It has been a long time since we got out like this and I felt it did a lot of good for me. We ran into a really bad rain storm with lots of lighting on the interstate coming home, but by the time we got to the house it’s just been lightly raining. JD took the jeep into town to put some gas in it and pick up Preston. Emily called and asked if we’d keep him awhile so she could get some sleep. With only one day off the past 11 days I didn’t mind at all. He is not back yet so I thought I would do a quick post. I really hope to do a better job at posting now.

I also uploaded 3 pictures of each of the grandchildren to flicker and they are show on the right. for a better look just click on the pictures. Eli is 8 months old and such a sweetie. Madison was posing for Grammie in her shot. These are the most recent I have of them all taken about the middle of last month. Preston’s pick Em sent via email. She called the other night laughing. Seems Preston took all the wipies out of t heir container and came up to Emily and calmly announced, “momma, wipies in my pocket!” If you look close you can see the bulge in his short pocket and the wetness that the wipies made. He had really thought he had done something great, it was so cute and I was tickled that Emily got a picture of it. They should be showing up soon so I’ll bring this to a close for now.

Thank you to those who have stopped by. I am making visits each day. I again apologize for my not being so faithful at visiting and worrying so many of my friends. I plan to see my doctor about a change in my depression medicine and I also have just made the consious effort to work harder at making my life better. I appreciate your prayers for me. I need them and I talk to Jesus more intimately now and know I need to lean on him more and draw strength from him and not let myself go. I have so many who truly care and I mean to do a better job of being a friend. Thank you all…

How precious it is,
Lord, to realize
that you are thinking
about me constantly!
I can’t even count
how many times a day
your thoughts turn
towards me.
~ Psalm 139: 17-18 (TLB) ~


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