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A day trip…


Photobucket I have mentioned our little trip wednesday to south Oklahoma for lunch. I took some pictures and thought I would share them with you today. This little town we went to eat at is called Meer’s. It’s very near the Witchita Mts. wildlife refuge. The Witchita Mountains run along the southern part of the state and it is written that at one time in our earth’s history they rivaled the Great Rockies. The refuge is a large area near Lawton Oklahoma. Also Fort Sill is located in Lawton and large area of the mountain area next to the refuge is used by the military to shoot off their large guns. Many times here on the farm, many miles away, we have heard and felt the effect of those guns being shot. Also the refuge has a large herd of Buffalo on it and long horn cattle. The Buffalo are allowed to roam anywhere on the refuge and often you’ll see one right next to the road, very close. There are warnings though not to get close and if you saw one up close I don’t think you’d want to as they are a massive animal. One was very close to get a good picture, but I did get my camera out in time. Also on the refuge is an outdoor theater complex called The Holy City, the area there closely resembles the kind of scenery and land of Israel, very rocky and sparse. This was built many years ago and a big production of the time leading up to and after the reserrection of Jesus and it is always put on on Easter. There is a chapel there that is just beautiful and you are allowed to walk the ground where the play goes on. They have areas too where you can picnic. Years ago when the children were little we went down to see the play. It starts in the night very late till the dawn. There is only seating on the ground or you bring lawn chairs or blankets. It is so rocky though that often you are not able to be very comfortable, lol. We got there and were up on the hill when our daughter got very sick and so we had to leave before it started. We’ve never had the opportunity to return during the time of the play, but I’ve been told many times it’s just awesome and truly a must see.

The little town of Meer’s only has about 3 buildings, but one is a cafe store that’s been there for ages. For years it was known for it Buffalo burgers, but for a long time now they use long horn cattle beef instead. Yet they still are an attraction and people come from all over to eat there. JD, Em and Preston have been, but I wasn’t well that day. So this time JD wanted to go again and I was up to going. This first pictures is of our drive coming into the mountain areas. It shows the kind of weather we are having since last week and is expected to last thru at least this coming monday. I know much of it is attributed to Ike coming to shore, but also many other factors. It was so dark and dreary and the clouds hid the tops of the mountains, as this picture shows while we were driving along. Also had a light rain all day as you can see.


Driving into The Holy City area, I tried to capture a full view. You’ll have to look close to see all the buildings as they were cloaked in a mist.


Getting closer I saw this section of land and thought it showed how rocky and sparse the area was. It truly in my opinion so closely resembled the terrain of the real Holy Land.


This is a view from the public facility there of the entrance. To the right behind the trees is the chapel. The large structure was the temple in Jerusalem and over to the far left of the picture were the three crosses up on a hill. It’s such a great natural setting for this story. Maybe one day yet I will be able and well enough to see the play.


As we were driving through the refuge and surrounding areas we notice this site. A windmill farm. You could barely make out these huge windmill structures because of the weather and JD could even tell that the blades were turning, where it took me quite awhile before I saw them, lol. You can see 5 of them pretty clearly in this picture atop the hill, but they were lined up for many miles. I’ve seen windmills in Oklahoma scatterd about for years, but this is on a much more larger scale than I’ve ever seen. Guess we are working towards more natural resources for generating power. lol.


So ended our little day trip, we were gone about 4 hours total and it was a nice change of scenery. Even the light rain was not a bother. Four hours in the car though was about enough as my back was starting to bother me a lot, even with the stops and getting out. Maybe we’ll have other short day trips to interesting places in the future, if so I will of course share. *smiles*

It’s Friday so I thought I would share my two favorite meme’s today. We’re expecting thunder and lightening storms over the week-end so may not be on. Here is my Saturday Special for this week.

~~Creative Adventure XVII ~ Fill In The Blanks~

1. While driving home from a ride in the countryside, you happen to spot a large victorian type old-fashioned general store at the end of a side road. Thinking it might be nice to buy something to take home, you drive up the long driveway and can’t help noticing how many other cars and trucks are already there, so it must be a very interesting place and I’m anxious to see what is inside. I am apprehensive though as it seems terribly busy.

2. Parking the car anyway, you walk up the steps to a big front porch that wraps around the building. Upon reaching the door you see a long line of people waiting to even get inside. I notice a nice row of chairs and benches and am able to see while JD waits in line to get in. I’m glad as I know that it would of been a real stress for me to stand and wait for so long.

3. Once inside the store you wander around and up the four floors and can’t help but notice you are the only one there except for for the many who already were there before us. I see that they not only are shopping around, but awaiting to be seated in the resturant part of the building.

4. Finally leaving the general store, you remember to remind yourself that even though it was a long wait, the store and food were excellent and you hope to return to visit there again someday, but deep down hope that it’s not as crowded so you can really enjoy the atmosphere and take the time to browser the store more leisurely.

Here is my Friday Fun

1. You are in an adventurous mood. Do you go deep sea diving or sky diving? (Thanks to Donovan for this one!) Any idea where you would like to do it? – Deep sea diving off the coast of mexico
2. You just won an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world. Do you go to Japan or to France? Why? (Locations courtesy once again from my helpful son!) – France to see the beautiful castles, the Effile tower in person and the French countryside.
3. You meet a stingy genie that will only grant one wish. Do you wish for more money or a better body? Why? – A better body as I messed this one up. lol
4. You have $50 burning a hole in your pocket. Do you head to the book store or to a spa? What would you get? – Book store to purchase some books I’ve been wanting to read.
5. It is time for a caffeine jolt. Do you go for the coffee pot or for the soda? Any favorites? – in the soda of course. I’m truly a Diet Dr. Pepper addict, and not the caffeine free either.

Guess that’s about it for this time. I’ll be around to visit throughout the day. Till next time.

God Bless you and
utterly satifsy
your heart…
with Himself.

~ Amy Carmichael ~



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Photobucket It’s been another beautiful day here, I have been so grateful for this milder weather. Although it’s been in the low 80’s and moderate humidity, with a fan I’ve been so much more comfortable than when it was so hot. I’ve just been kind of lazin around today. JD was off again and when he is home I just don’t do much. Although he does go and run around much of the time.

There really is alot to chatter about. I watched the last night of the RNC and the Fox interview of O’Reilly’s interview with Obama. I thought he did a good job answering the questions, but I just don’t feel that confident in him. His views are just to liberal for me. McCain’s speech was good also, although he is not a great speech giver. He does better in like a town hall setting, which they tried to set it up like. I just don’t question his love for America and that he will do what is best for the country as a whole. So there’s my view of the nights news, lol…..

Just not much on now, all reruns till the new fall season begins. So I was online at pogo playing games and checking my email. Talk to Em, as I do every day. Sometimes we gab like a couple of magpies and other times we just have so little to say. When I’m down she listens and visa versa. I am grateful and so blessed to have her so close. Right now my plans are to go over there saturday. I need my Preston fix, lol.. I hope he did well in preschool this week, no accidents. *smiles*

I’ve heard from all my friends in the coastal states and all are well without much damaged. That is a blessing. Since I haven’t much to talk about I’ll do my Saturday Special Meme and a couple of others for fun today.

September 6, 2008 Saturday Special

~My Favorite DVD Movie Is~

1. In Drama? -So difficult to chose just one, but I would pick “The Hunt for Red October”

2. In Comedy? -Oh my any of of Julia Robert’s or Meg Ryan’s comedy movies, like “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Sleepless in Seattle”.

3. In Mystery/Suspense? -Gosh I don’t know, I don’t watch to many mysteries

4. In Action/Adventure? -Not sure if this one qualifies in the category, but I can’t leave out “The Lord of the Rings” Triology which has both action and adventure, lol. It’s my all time favorite movie!

Friday Fun

1. School uniforms: Good thing or bad thing? Why? -There are pro’s and cons’s to both sides of this issue, takes away peer pressure when they all dress the same, yet strips a child to some extent of showing their individualism
2. School supplies: Our school district operates under a limited budget and school supplies other than notebooks and paper tend to be common use, meaning the class shares what each child brings in. What is your feeling on providing for the class rather than just your child? -I think it’s asking alot to provide for a whole class for some parents, but I personally didn’t mind to much buying a little extra to help the students.
3. Favorite classes: Math or science? English or History? Band or chorus? -Drama, in high school and then choir, lol
4. Foreign languages: Did your school have a foreign language requirement? What languages did they offer? Did you take a language? –high school 1 yr so I took French and don’t remember a thing, lol
5. Visiting the past: If you could go back to school, would you? Or is it better off in the past?! -a couple of years ago I went to see my old high school and enjoy some memories, but I would not want to go back.

These are from a new Meme I found thru my friend Toni called That’s my Answer

1. How often do you buy something only to return it later due to various reasons? -I’ve return an item if it’s not working or damaged but it’s very rare, I can only think of 3 times in my life.

2. This is the Two Choices game and this is how you play. I’ll give you Two Choices, simply make your choice and then offer Two Choices for the next person, etc…Easy enough, right? – I was #8 and my question was Stick or automatic? I said automatic, then my turn I asked Red or Blue?, really fun to do.

3. Hot Topic – Do you think that Sarah Palin can be both an effective vice president AND a good mother? What is your opinion on mother’s working in such high profile and demanding jobs? -I think Sarah Palin can be very effected and any woman who has the support of her husband and children as she seems to have. If you have a husband behind you and helps you with the raising of the children and the home then I don’t see why a woman can hold a demanding or high profile job, just as a man does

4. Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens – Here is a list of a few of my favorite things.

1. Seeing my grandchildren
2. My DVD collection
3. My computer
4. The puppies at my feet
5. Enjoying the online friends I know
6. Most important my quiet time with my Lord.

Till next time….

But pleasures are like
poppies spread—
You seize the flow’r,
it’s bloom is shed;
Or like the snow falls
in the river—
A moment white—
then melts forever.

~ Robert Burns ~


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Photobucket Normally I don’t express my political views here, but it’s mostly because I am pretty apathetic about it all. For years it seems like the same ole status quo in our govt., no matter who is president or what party is the majority. But I have been listening to quite a bit of it on Fox news and watched much of the DNC because I was interested in learning even more about Obama. JD is adamant that he is a socialist, I honestly can’t say, but his far left liberalism does concern me. His lack of experience and so far record are not impressive. JD and I discussed his speech quite a bit last night. It was a good inspiring speech, but like all the speechs I usually hear was full of promises that will not be kept. Why because our govt. has not and I believe can not make the changes that need to be done that will effect real change.

As we were discussing we both agreed that changes can be done and effective ones, if only it was accepted by our Senate, Congress and President. The top three that I felt were of the greatest importance, although there are many others, are.

1. That both the Congress and Senate completely get rid of the retirement program they have. Many have talked about term limits, but to me if there is no retirement, which keeps the politicians running and being re-elected for years and years were gone, then the incentive to stay after 1 or 2 terms is no longer there. To us we feel it’s the most effective way to keep from having so many of the so called elderly statesmen from being in govt. for way to long.

2. Pass the line item veto that every President needs and wants but Congress and the Senate won’t pass. They can add an addenum to a bill and revamp a lot of the things in a bill. I think then that the President should be allowed to veto certain things and not just a whole bill that might have some great good to it.

3. Completely stop the Lobbyist from wooing the politician with dinner’s, gift, tickets to the superbowl, etc…. They should be allow to visit them and state their concerns and proposals, but after that leave and not bride anyone as they do now.

As I said these are just 3 of many things that I’m sure could be done to make a better govt. I’ve often said although the President is an important position, what good is he, he can’t change policy without having the backing of the Congress and Senate. They in my opinion are what makes our govt. work and do what they do, not the President. I believe it takes all parts of the govt. as our forefather’s set it up to work, but somehow over the years much has been damage due to greed and love of being in the spotlight with a job that they feel is more important that anything else.

I suppose if I were to be labeled I would be considered a right winged conservative, but in all honestly I like to look at the person, their record and who they are to determine who I vote for. I prefer a person with experience to hold such a high office and one who is tied to the judeo-christian familiy values. I know as humans we are not perfect, but I have seen dishonesty and greed come into play so much and how politicians are more out for what they want, not what would be good for our country as a whole. They found that they can’t please everyone, so now they ,in my opinion, work only to do what pleases them, not looking anymore at the big overall picture of America. All I can really close with is the comment that JD made that to me is so truthful. He hopes that no matter what that God doesn’t ever stop blessing America! Me too, how about you?

Change of topic…. I had lunch with Cliff and Madison today and had a great visit. I also went to the doctor for a follow up on my sleep study and he change my medicine to help me fall asleep. I hope this works. Once a sleep I do great, but getting there is a battle most of the time. I also change my template trying to find something that exhibited cooler fall weather. This is pretty, a favorite amoung the few WordPress offers us. I truly wish they would offer a bit bigger selection, lol… It was hot again today, in the mid 90’s, but I didn’t do as badly getting out and around as usual. So I feel I’m really getting better and I praise my Jesus for it. I’m also thrilled at McCain’s selection for VP, the govenor of Alaska, a women, a mother, a conservative and even though little experience I feel will do a great job. The Democrats can’t find fault with her due to lack of experience as I feel it will just get throwed back at them for choosing a presidential candidate that lacks a lot of it himself.

Before I go, here is my Saturday Special for this week.

August 30, 2008


~Words Ending in TER ~ I Say You Answer~

1. CompuTER…– A great influence in my life today, can’t imagine not ever having it.

2. Body of WaTER…– Water a large part of what life needs to exist, if not the main thing.

3. Kitchen DisasTER… A water pipe busting and being unable to use your kitchen sink for days!

4. Letter WriTER… What I use to love to do and need to get back in the habit of again.

Till next time……

I am beginning to learn
that it is the sweet,
simple things of life which
are the real ones after all.

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder ~


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Uneventful week


Photobucket It’s been a very slow and do nothing week for me. I’ve mostly just been playing some games on the computer and watching tv. I did go spend an afternoon at Em’s last saturday and then visited Cliff and the kids the other morning. While there I watched the movie “Enchanted” with Madison. I hadn’t seen it and it was a cute and delightful movie especially for the kids. Eli was go go go till he went down for his nap. lol Preston is growing too and his talking is getting better all the time. He will begin going to a church preschool Aug. 15th and school here starts on the 13th.

I’m excited for Valarie as she got a teaching job, kindergarten, at a school in a small community not far from Chickasha called Pioneer. It has k thru 8th grade. Emily is planning on sending Preston there when he starts school and I know that Cliff and Val plan for the kids to attend there too. I’m not sure where they plan to send the kids after 8th grade, but that is quite a few years off so I guess I’ll find out closer to that time.

This friday and saturday JD is off and is going down to the Watermelon Festival at Rush Springs. It’s a yearly event and the town is about 25 miles south of us? I’m not sure of the distance. I don’t care about going as it’s just to much walking and in the heat. It’s still very warm here although the temps have gone down enough since yesterday that it’s more bearable. What is a problem is the humidity and the feeling so sticky and icky all the time. I have been sleeping though as we did get a 110 window unit for the bedroom. I think dealing with the yuckiness of the day is what is keeping me feeling so blah right now. Just not much energy and there is really no where to go. With the kids and JD at work. So I am into playing games mostly online.

I go to pogo.com which has lots of games and I enjoy the Bingo and the bowling the most. There is a word game called qwerty that I like too. So other than that and some tv that is what I have been up to. I’ll be visiting the next few days. Hope your week has been more exciting than mine. lol…. Here is the Saturday Special from the 2nd of Aug.

~Words Ending in FUL ~ I Say You Answer~

1. Uneventful…-My life these days

2. Very Useful…-My computer and phone

3. It’s Beautiful…-To have so many wonderful friends

4. Tastes Awful…-Many things that I’ve tried to eat lately

Till next week…….

The day is done,
The sun has set,
Yet, light still tints the sky;
My heart stands still
in reverence,
For God is passing by.

~Ruth Alla Wager~


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Photobucket Hello friends. Been rather a busy week here all in all. I went over to Em’s last sat for awhile or it might of been Sunday, I often lose track of what day it is. Something happened to our A/C and it quit running, but before I discovered it I smelled smoke and ended up turning it off at the box. We believe the fan burned up. I have been without since sat and even with 8 fans scattered throughout the house it’s been pretty darn uncomfortable. Tonight though we went to WalMart and bought a 110, 10,000 btu window unit that JD will install tomorrow in our bedroom so I can at least get a good nights sleep and be able to use my CPAP machine. I haven’t been able to use it as the humidity is so high that I simply cannot tolerate the mask on my face. Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll finally get a decent nights sleep. I can bear the heat and even the house during the day. I can get comfortable and relax well enough, but I just find it impossible to sleep until the wee hours when I am feel I just fall asleep from exhaustion and it’s alot cooler finally.

I went monday night and had another sleep study done at the doctor’s request. I did sleep well, *smiles* as the room was cool and so comfortable. I was rather disappointed though as I had hoped that I would be able to not have such a high CPAP setting and could go without any oxygen bleed in, but the tech told me that she titrated me at 15 with a 3 liter oxygen bleed in, which is just ever so slightly lower than what I am now, 17 with a 4 liter oxygen bleed in. She told me that when I enter REM sleep my O2 sats just bottom out and I still quit breathing a lot. So even with this 30 lb. weight loss and probably even more it looks as though I’ll always require the high setting and O2. Not the greatest news. :o( But on to better news.

The last remenants of TS Dolly came through and we got rain tuesday, though not enough and the temps were a bit cooler although the humidity was and still is bad. JD and I decided to go for a breakfast biscuit when he picked me up that tuesday morning and then we went and voted in the primary elections here before going home. We had a good friend running for sheriff, but sadly he placed second and didn’t win the spot.

When Emily came out sat. I and the pups went in to town with her. I decided to take them to the groomer’s, the very first time for PL, as my sil told me they take walk ins alot. We dropped them off about 1:30 and by 4:00 they were ready to pick up. They both got a good bath, nails trimmed and dipped. They had adorable blue gingham bandana’s on and blue nail polish. I was pleasantly surprised that doing both was only twenty dollars! I guess it’s because they are short haired and didn’t require any hair cutting or grooming except a brushing, lol. As it’s so reasonable I plan to take them once a month now to be bathed and dipped, and be pampered a bit. PL had never even had his nails trimmed before. He looked so good and Petey too. Both being males they do get along well and Petey is always trying to get PL to play with him. He did a lot when we first got Petey, but now he just mostly ignores him, lol.

Photobucket Here are a few pictures taken at our family get together at Bec and Jim’s for the 4th. We had a barbecue for the immediate family and swam, with family from Dad’s brother, Uncle J.L. and some of his family. I have a few more and they are larger set up at flickr, which here is the url if you’d like to see them larger and a few more. http://www.flickr.com/photos/plspackleader/sets/72157606454913341/ below are 2 from the set.


This is one of two from Eli’s 1st birthday party which was on May 23rd.

Preston, Maddie

Preston and Maddie at the get together. Pop over to flickr to see the rest.

Well guess that about brings you up to date on my doings for the past week. My friend Melanie’s tagged me for this game. First are the rules.

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write 6 random things about yourself.
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged, leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

My 6 Random things about myself.

1. I finally totally quit smoking as of May after my surgery
2. I walk with a quad cane now due to my bad right knee
3. I still make noises even wearing the CPAP (according to JD, lol)
4. I’ll only drink bottled water, not tap
5. I love the show Clean House on Style network
6. I can draw my S.S. in a year and a half

I’ll be tagging
1. Liz
2. Kathy
3. Rachel
4. Dru
5. Princess
6. Judy

Also I really miss doing Ton’s Saturday Special so I will be doing the previous friday’s on the following thursday, lol. Here is the one for July 26th.

~Summer Favorites~

1. Favorite Summer Activity: Swimming

2. Favorite Summer Meal: a light meal, mostly Salad’s

3. Favorite Thirst Quencher: to quench plain ole Water!

4. Favorite Summer Weather: any day with the temp’s 80 or below

Well that about covers it for this week. I’ll be visiting everyone. Till next week……

Happiness is a butterfly
which when persued,
is always just beyond your
grasp, but which, if you
sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.

~ Nathaniel Hawthorne ~


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Photobucket I barely was online yesterday. I kept Preston all day, while Em was working. JD had a tractor show that was close enough to attend so he went to it while I stayed home with the boy. JD had thought about taking Preston along, but decided against it as he was afraid that something would happen when he had to load and unload the tractor. I don’t go because I can’t walk very far, so I told him that Preston would be fine here with me. It was a good day and Preston did really well with his potty training, with only 1 accident all day. He likes to keep me busy with playing with him, we build with blocks and then we have this little game we play where he rides his little bike around the I am the starter, like at a race. Then he had P.L. and Petey to play with too. He ate ok, I fixed him a grilled cheese for lunch and he ate more cheeto’s than sandwich, lol. He had a donut for breakfast thanks to Grandpa and I bought plenty of chocolate milk, which he loves to drink. He loves popcorn so I fixed some for the afternoon snack. I hope I can get him to eat more when he stays with us Sunday, Mon. and Tues. Em will be bringing him out Sunday at noon and they will be heading to Dallas about 2pm. Their flight leaves really early monday morning. They will be back next Saturday evening and drive on up to Yukon from Dallas to get Preston. Over all I think he will do well while they are gone.

So I don’t look to get online very much while he is here. He is always wanting my attention, so when on the computer he is usually wanting me to come away. I will try and post and visit, but not sure how much I’ll get to till Wed. evening. As I missed my favorite meme’s which I do on Friday, I’ll post them today.

Friday’s Feast 191


What is the nearest big city to your home? –Oklahoma City is about 32 miles northeast of us


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how well do you keep secrets? –I would say 10, I can keep a secret.


Describe your hair (color, texture, length). –a short shag like cut, which I do myself, good texture and is colored a very light blonde that blends so well with my 75% grey.

Main Course

What kind of driver are you? Courteous? Aggressive? Slow? –I would say Courteous, but aggravated often by other’s. I am pretty aware of what’s going on around me, but have at times had close calls because I didn’t see something.


When was the last time you had a really bad week? –When I fell and broke my ankle the first of the year. Felt horrible and had a hard time getting around well enough.

Friday Fun

1. What are the last five books you have read? –A Christian novel series of 3 books of life on “Troublesome Creek”, The “Chronicles of Narnia” and another novel titled “Pearl”
2. Name five places in the world you would love to go to. –Switzerland, Britain, Hawaii, New Zeland and Israel.
3. Name five people who have strongly influenced your life, both good and bad,… not counting family! –My sister-in-law, Bec, My best friend Joann, a friend, Diane, a boss, Pat and all my online friends.
4. Name five things you have accomplished that you are proud of, big or small! –Raising my two children, getting my nursing license, making my own website, learning to bake home made rolls, learning to crochet.
5. Name five things you still want to do in your life. –become healthier, truly lose the weight I need to lose, completely declutter my home, be truly happy and content.

Saturday Special

May 17th –

Words Ending in ING ~ I Ask, You Answer

1. Avoiding…nothing

2. Baking…brownies

3. Camping…in the den while Preston is here, lol

4. Decorating…a birthday present

Till next time…..

God looks at the world
through the eyes
of love. If we, therefore
as human beings made in
the image of God also want
to see reality rationally,
that is, as it truly is,
then we too, must learn
to look at what we see
with love.

~ Roberta Bondi ~


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Photobucket I wasn’t online much yesterday as I kept having problems with my broadband. No pages would load fully and it kept disconnecting so I just quit messing with it. Today it seems better. I took some photos yesterday of P.L. and Petey and thought I’d share a few with you today. The first is of the two of them playing together inside, then the two of them outside and last of Petey exploring the what I call the hole. It was where we tried to put the base for a big tv antenna that an uncle gave us, but rock kept us from finishing it up.




I met with a former co-worker for lunch yesterday actually there were suppose to be three of us, but one was called in to work. The other I hadn’t seen for several years and we had the nicest talk, catching up with each other. We exchange emails and phone numbers in hopes to keep in better touch. Emily came on her lunch hour and had her lunch with us. So it was a nice afternoon out for me. When I got home that is when I took the camera outside and got the pictures of P.L. and Petey. They love being outside. If it weren’t so windy I’d probably sit out longer, but the days are really mild most of the time and I usually get a bit chilled and after about 20 minutes am ready to come back in. Yesterday though it got up into the 80’s and the wind was really calm for a change. Of course the humidity was horrible.

Well Marissa was voted off DWTS last night. I knew she was going as the other 3 were more popular. I was sad to see her go, but so glad that the fans kept her in through the semi finals. I suspect that Kristi will win it, she is very popular with the fans and a good dancer. My vote though goes to Cristain (sp?) The rest of the evening I just did a few chores and then went to bed. This next week Emily and Michael will be heading out to go on their cruise with Michaels sister, brother and their spouses. We’ll have Preston from either Sat. or Sunday until Wednesday and then he’ll go and stay with his other Nana till they return the following Sat. This will be the first long separation for Preston from mom and dad, but since he is staying with us and his other Nana I believe he’ll make it ok. I’m sure he’ll cry some missing mommy, but I usually can calm him quickly with lots of cuddling and love. *smiles* At least I hope so. Emily of course is not happy about being gone from him this long, but I told her he’d be fine and to enjoy the trip. She is not that crazy about the ocean or doing a cruise and looks more forward to next year when she plans to take Preston and they go to the mountains for their vacation and camp. That is more her style for sure. lol..

I missed out on the Ten on Tuesday yesterday so thought I’d post it today.

10 Things You’re Really Good At

1. crocheting
2. counted cross stitching
3. cutting my own hair
4. spoiling my puppies
5. being loyal
6. being a Grammie
7. forgetting important dates, like birthdays, I’m always late
8. cooking gooloush, lol
9. giving directions, when we travel
10. Floating, I simply can’t sink! lol..

Not much else to chatter about. I owe tons of visits so will plan on spending the afternoon catching up with everyone. Till next time….

Joy is not happiness so
much as gladness;
it is the ecstasy of eternity
in a soul that has made
peace with God.

~ Author Unknown ~


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