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Photobucket It’s been another beautiful day here, I have been so grateful for this milder weather. Although it’s been in the low 80’s and moderate humidity, with a fan I’ve been so much more comfortable than when it was so hot. I’ve just been kind of lazin around today. JD was off again and when he is home I just don’t do much. Although he does go and run around much of the time.

There really is alot to chatter about. I watched the last night of the RNC and the Fox interview of O’Reilly’s interview with Obama. I thought he did a good job answering the questions, but I just don’t feel that confident in him. His views are just to liberal for me. McCain’s speech was good also, although he is not a great speech giver. He does better in like a town hall setting, which they tried to set it up like. I just don’t question his love for America and that he will do what is best for the country as a whole. So there’s my view of the nights news, lol…..

Just not much on now, all reruns till the new fall season begins. So I was online at pogo playing games and checking my email. Talk to Em, as I do every day. Sometimes we gab like a couple of magpies and other times we just have so little to say. When I’m down she listens and visa versa. I am grateful and so blessed to have her so close. Right now my plans are to go over there saturday. I need my Preston fix, lol.. I hope he did well in preschool this week, no accidents. *smiles*

I’ve heard from all my friends in the coastal states and all are well without much damaged. That is a blessing. Since I haven’t much to talk about I’ll do my Saturday Special Meme and a couple of others for fun today.

September 6, 2008 Saturday Special

~My Favorite DVD Movie Is~

1. In Drama? -So difficult to chose just one, but I would pick “The Hunt for Red October”

2. In Comedy? -Oh my any of of Julia Robert’s or Meg Ryan’s comedy movies, like “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Sleepless in Seattle”.

3. In Mystery/Suspense? -Gosh I don’t know, I don’t watch to many mysteries

4. In Action/Adventure? -Not sure if this one qualifies in the category, but I can’t leave out “The Lord of the Rings” Triology which has both action and adventure, lol. It’s my all time favorite movie!

Friday Fun

1. School uniforms: Good thing or bad thing? Why? -There are pro’s and cons’s to both sides of this issue, takes away peer pressure when they all dress the same, yet strips a child to some extent of showing their individualism
2. School supplies: Our school district operates under a limited budget and school supplies other than notebooks and paper tend to be common use, meaning the class shares what each child brings in. What is your feeling on providing for the class rather than just your child? -I think it’s asking alot to provide for a whole class for some parents, but I personally didn’t mind to much buying a little extra to help the students.
3. Favorite classes: Math or science? English or History? Band or chorus? -Drama, in high school and then choir, lol
4. Foreign languages: Did your school have a foreign language requirement? What languages did they offer? Did you take a language? –high school 1 yr so I took French and don’t remember a thing, lol
5. Visiting the past: If you could go back to school, would you? Or is it better off in the past?! -a couple of years ago I went to see my old high school and enjoy some memories, but I would not want to go back.

These are from a new Meme I found thru my friend Toni called That’s my Answer

1. How often do you buy something only to return it later due to various reasons? -I’ve return an item if it’s not working or damaged but it’s very rare, I can only think of 3 times in my life.

2. This is the Two Choices game and this is how you play. I’ll give you Two Choices, simply make your choice and then offer Two Choices for the next person, etc…Easy enough, right? – I was #8 and my question was Stick or automatic? I said automatic, then my turn I asked Red or Blue?, really fun to do.

3. Hot Topic – Do you think that Sarah Palin can be both an effective vice president AND a good mother? What is your opinion on mother’s working in such high profile and demanding jobs? -I think Sarah Palin can be very effected and any woman who has the support of her husband and children as she seems to have. If you have a husband behind you and helps you with the raising of the children and the home then I don’t see why a woman can hold a demanding or high profile job, just as a man does

4. Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens – Here is a list of a few of my favorite things.

1. Seeing my grandchildren
2. My DVD collection
3. My computer
4. The puppies at my feet
5. Enjoying the online friends I know
6. Most important my quiet time with my Lord.

Till next time….

But pleasures are like
poppies spread—
You seize the flow’r,
it’s bloom is shed;
Or like the snow falls
in the river—
A moment white—
then melts forever.

~ Robert Burns ~



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cooler weather finally


Photobucket A cold front has moved in and then rain from Gustav is here, so it’s really almost cold, lol… Luckily though no storms just some rain. Not much here on the farm though. I have been busy with this league I’ve joined online and have decided to help host some of the tournaments they hold. It gives me something to do and I really enjoy their friendship and fun in playing the games. Silly I suppose, but when you don’t ever go anywhere hardly and spend so much time at home it’s nice to have the computer give you something to do and look forward to.

I’m so glad Gustav wasn’t as bad as they thought he’d be, although what damage he brought wasn’t anything to dismiss. Many home’s and business’s sustained damaged and many without electric, but the loss of lives was very low. I think an excellent joy of coordinating resouces and evacuating people was done very well. I’m happy to hear of the many friends I know in the coastal states are well and have not suffered very much. Now many along the east side of florida and the coast are watching Hannah coming in, with I hear two more storms following. A busy Hurricane season for sure. I will continue prayers for all my friends and the people of the coastal states as they endure this hurricane season.

I’ve been watching much of the RNC coverage, I really enjoyed Fred Thompson’s and Liberman’s speech’s last night. Also First Lady Laura Bush, what a genuine lady and I feel the same about Cindy McCain. Tonight is the VP candidates speech and am looking forward to hearing Sarah Palin. I feel that certain media have been so unfair in their treatment of here, but then they weren’t to kind to Hillary either or Geraldine Ferraro (sp?). When will they learn that we women are a huge influence in today’s society. I wonder if the unfair treatment will ever end. I pray it does.

Not much else going on. I’ll hopefully get in a lot of visits tonight and tomorrow. I have a friend who is having a liver biopsy tomorrow so I has a small prayer for her. She is concerned as I would be too. Until next time….

Beauty is the radiance
of truth, the fragrance
of goodness.

~ Vincent McNabb ~

“He has made everthing
beautiful in it’s time.

~ Ecclestastes 3:11 NIV ~


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Photobucket It was a week-end for weather watching. I felt the way things were handle in the coming of Gustav was well done. Even though it altered the plans of the RNC, they handled it very well and listening to First Lady Laura Bush and Cindy McCain was so tasteful and filled my heart with joy that the RNC put America and what was happening to the gulf states first.

I must say I think that Laura Bush was a most admiring and outstanding First Lady. A true Lady she is and she exhibits such class with all the political hoopla that she finds herself in the midst of. I always watch anytime she is interviewed or speaks. I feel Cindy McCain will be very much the same. I found my thoughts think about what the First, first ladies, of our country would think if they saw how much as changed over the course of history for women and how they play such an intregal part in all aspects of the American life and dream. Em was out for a bit last night and with JD we were kind of discussing this. JD feels that the next presidential election we will see our first woman president. He is sure that when all is said and the time comes, when Hillary Clinton gets in the voting booth she will vote for McCain. lol.. He says that McCain will be a one term president and that it gives Hillary another chance before she gets to old to run and that he feels the candidate’s for the republican’s will be Sarah Palin. I’m don’t totally agree with his view, but I can’t say that it wouldn’t be possible. In the world today I see any possibility.

Thank you Herb, my friend for saying you would vote for me, but be certain that I have no aspirations of ever running for political office or ever being a in politics. It’s much to confusing to me and besides I have a simple mindset and life that would be found to be so boring. lol… But the comment you made truly made me smile.

I didn’t do much at all over the week-end. JD was off monday and neither of us labored at all. lol… Very little was on the news except Gustav, and I’m so glad the actions taken proved helpful and that Gustav did not hit land as powefully as it could have. Yes I know there will be alot of damage, but the lives saved of both people and animals was made first priority as it should of been. I did express a couple of complaints as one being the one mindedness of the media over the coverage of the storm. Granted it was important, but nothing but stories on the storm were on. I find they do this with any big story and sometimes I get frustrated as I’d really like to know what is going on elsewhere in the country and world too. The constant talk and repetativeness of any story just drives me crazy at times. Second is the constant bringing up of Gov. Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter. She issued a statement and then enough said, even the media said it shouldn’t be a topic and left to be a private family matter, yet something is said continually. Questions asked of other’s. Let it drop!!!! Even I have to admire Obama’s when he said family matters are off limits. If so then why is the topic continually be spoken of? Leave it alone, period, end of story, no more!!!!!

Not much else is going on. To day is hot but very humid and muggy. I know we’ll be feeling some effects of this storms coming in especially those in the gulf. My heart and prayers are with all my friends and the families in the costal areas that are having to go through all this. It’s always sad when mother nature effects the lives of so many people. From the flooding, fires, hurricane’s to tornadic weather all over, Seems the weather is hitting our people all over the country hard. I have no answer’s except that I am glad to see such good preparations are made when these disasters happen. I hope to get around to all my visits today. Today I am grateful that even though the summer weather has been uncomfortable and we deal with many problems due to it also, I praise God for a great life, family, friends and a beautiful day. Till next time…..

A joyful heart is like a
sunshine of God’s love,
the home of eternal happiness,
a burning flame of God…
And if we pray we will
become that sunshine of
God’s love–in our own home,
the place where we live,
and in the world at large.

~ Mother Teresa ~


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Photobucket Normally I don’t express my political views here, but it’s mostly because I am pretty apathetic about it all. For years it seems like the same ole status quo in our govt., no matter who is president or what party is the majority. But I have been listening to quite a bit of it on Fox news and watched much of the DNC because I was interested in learning even more about Obama. JD is adamant that he is a socialist, I honestly can’t say, but his far left liberalism does concern me. His lack of experience and so far record are not impressive. JD and I discussed his speech quite a bit last night. It was a good inspiring speech, but like all the speechs I usually hear was full of promises that will not be kept. Why because our govt. has not and I believe can not make the changes that need to be done that will effect real change.

As we were discussing we both agreed that changes can be done and effective ones, if only it was accepted by our Senate, Congress and President. The top three that I felt were of the greatest importance, although there are many others, are.

1. That both the Congress and Senate completely get rid of the retirement program they have. Many have talked about term limits, but to me if there is no retirement, which keeps the politicians running and being re-elected for years and years were gone, then the incentive to stay after 1 or 2 terms is no longer there. To us we feel it’s the most effective way to keep from having so many of the so called elderly statesmen from being in govt. for way to long.

2. Pass the line item veto that every President needs and wants but Congress and the Senate won’t pass. They can add an addenum to a bill and revamp a lot of the things in a bill. I think then that the President should be allowed to veto certain things and not just a whole bill that might have some great good to it.

3. Completely stop the Lobbyist from wooing the politician with dinner’s, gift, tickets to the superbowl, etc…. They should be allow to visit them and state their concerns and proposals, but after that leave and not bride anyone as they do now.

As I said these are just 3 of many things that I’m sure could be done to make a better govt. I’ve often said although the President is an important position, what good is he, he can’t change policy without having the backing of the Congress and Senate. They in my opinion are what makes our govt. work and do what they do, not the President. I believe it takes all parts of the govt. as our forefather’s set it up to work, but somehow over the years much has been damage due to greed and love of being in the spotlight with a job that they feel is more important that anything else.

I suppose if I were to be labeled I would be considered a right winged conservative, but in all honestly I like to look at the person, their record and who they are to determine who I vote for. I prefer a person with experience to hold such a high office and one who is tied to the judeo-christian familiy values. I know as humans we are not perfect, but I have seen dishonesty and greed come into play so much and how politicians are more out for what they want, not what would be good for our country as a whole. They found that they can’t please everyone, so now they ,in my opinion, work only to do what pleases them, not looking anymore at the big overall picture of America. All I can really close with is the comment that JD made that to me is so truthful. He hopes that no matter what that God doesn’t ever stop blessing America! Me too, how about you?

Change of topic…. I had lunch with Cliff and Madison today and had a great visit. I also went to the doctor for a follow up on my sleep study and he change my medicine to help me fall asleep. I hope this works. Once a sleep I do great, but getting there is a battle most of the time. I also change my template trying to find something that exhibited cooler fall weather. This is pretty, a favorite amoung the few WordPress offers us. I truly wish they would offer a bit bigger selection, lol… It was hot again today, in the mid 90’s, but I didn’t do as badly getting out and around as usual. So I feel I’m really getting better and I praise my Jesus for it. I’m also thrilled at McCain’s selection for VP, the govenor of Alaska, a women, a mother, a conservative and even though little experience I feel will do a great job. The Democrats can’t find fault with her due to lack of experience as I feel it will just get throwed back at them for choosing a presidential candidate that lacks a lot of it himself.

Before I go, here is my Saturday Special for this week.

August 30, 2008


~Words Ending in TER ~ I Say You Answer~

1. CompuTER…– A great influence in my life today, can’t imagine not ever having it.

2. Body of WaTER…– Water a large part of what life needs to exist, if not the main thing.

3. Kitchen DisasTER… A water pipe busting and being unable to use your kitchen sink for days!

4. Letter WriTER… What I use to love to do and need to get back in the habit of again.

Till next time……

I am beginning to learn
that it is the sweet,
simple things of life which
are the real ones after all.

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder ~


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I can’t wait…


Photobucket Today I visited a couple of blogs by Christian women. Reading them is such a comfort and often an inspiration to me. I often find myself wishing I had the talent to put into my feelings as they do. I know you all know I am a Christian and I’ve expressed my beliefs in God, and my faith in the grace of God through His Son, Jesus Christ. Today on TCM they showed a couple of my favorite movies I have loved over the years. One scene in “Ben Hur” starring Charleton Heston just brought tears to me and as I cried I found myself worshiping God in such a personal way.

The scene is when Ben Hur is being led as a prisoner and they arrive at this village. They stop and as the prisoner’s are trying to get a drink of water, the Roman soldier’s push them back to get themselves a drink and their horses first. Finally you see the women of the village going around with the ladle cup giving the prisoners some water, but when it comes time for Ben Hur to get a drink, a soldier stops her and says no water for him. He drops to the ground in deep despair calling out to God. Then all of a sudden you see this hand reach down with the cup and with a loving touch offers water to Ben Hur. He drinks and looks at the person then starts drinking again. The soldier who told the woman not to give Ben Hur water starts to come up yelling at this person stating he said no water for him, but he stops dead in his steps and stares at the man with a puzzled look upon his face for quite some time. Then Ben Hur looks up again and you see a glow of recognition on his face and he touchs lovingly the hand of the man who helped him, staring at him the whole time he is gotten up and is walking away.

I was just so moved, because you knew immediately that it was the face of Jesus, before he began his ministry. Yet what really sank into my soul was that I was crying because I can’t wait for the day when I will be able to look upon that face too. To experience the love that shines for me from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I have seen the look of love from the eyes of my husband, family, friends and felt very moved, but I know that I will never experience the love Jesus has for me until I can look upon His face. He has given me the water of life and I don’t thirst, yet for all the worship and praise I can give I believe it will be so much more on that day when we will be with Him. To see my heavenly Father and see His love for me through the eyes of His Son will be a moment I am truly awaiting.

I thank all the wonderful Christian blogger’s and writers for their words of love and encouragement. I too love people with all my heart and pray that they and you can feel the love through my words at times. Though not perfect I am because of a love that we’ll never be able to duplicate when Jesus went up on the cross for us all. He is all I ever need in my life and I praise God for this most awesome gift.

May you have God’s gift in your life and if not may you find it in your heart one day. Blessings abound when you have Jesus’s life in you. Till next time….

You give [us] drink from
your river of delights.
For with you is the
fountain of life,
in your light we see light.

~ PSALM 36: 8-9 NIV ~


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Wednesday news


Photobucket WP is giving me fits trying to post today. This is my third attempt! Why I have no idea. I hadn’t realize it’s been so long since my last post, but this heat and humidity has me feeling pretty blah so I guess that’s it. Although I am grateful for the beautiful days the Lord has allowed me to have. Preston hasn’t been feeling to great either and was sick Sunday night, but went to school monday. Then monday night he was sick again so Emily called and asked me to watch him Tuesday. I went over early and he did fine all day. He didn’t eat, but did drink well and played without running a fever or anything. So today he is back at school. Kids get sick like that it seems.

I was so tired and sore Tuesday evening. I went to the store to pick up a few things and then got home. I was grateful to be home even to my muggy house and the pups were delighted as they spent the day on the porch. I watched Hillary’s speech that night and it was ok, but she didn’t mention that Obama would make a good president as she did saying Michele Obama would be a great first lady. She sure pitch the coming of women in politics and she is right. Most of the convention I don’t watch as to me I find it rather boring. lol… Today I did my laundry which at times is a chore for me. Mostly the hanging up and putting away gets to me. Another blessing to be grateful for though is being in the age of the washer and dryer. I just can’t imagine having to do laundry by hand or with an old time ringer washer. I have hung clothes on the line though, but luckily not often. I love sheets and towels on the line, but here the clothes line is to far away for me to feel like doing it.

Cliff popped by this morning for a minute to invite me to lunch with him and Madison friday. Of course I’ll go and since JD is off he may too if he doesn’t have plans. He still has the sink to fix and some other projects. He is off tomorrow and friday. Valarie is leaving for Texas to be with family friday after work. Cliff has to work though. Eli is going today with Nana and Poppa Hayes. It’s to hot and humid for me to even think about going anywhere. Although our temps have only been in the 80’s which I feel is a remenant of the hurricane Fay and Gustaf is on his way in the gulf so I image we’ll get some effects from him the coming days.

Not much else to chatter about. I sure hope this time it posts. I pray you all are doing well and I’ll be visiting this afternoon and evening. Till next time…..

Friendship is precious,
not only in the shade,
but in the sunshine of life;
and thanks to a benevolent
arrangement of things,
the greatest part of life
is sunshine.

~ Thomas Jefferson ~


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WP problems?


Photobucket Thought I don’t sunbath anymore, it’s hot here again and very muggy and sticky feeling. Yesterday I was so miserable that I couldn’t get comfortable no matter when I did. I think that is why I didn’t post yesterday. I’m grateful just to have had another day even though I didn’t feel up to doing anything. JD had went back to work and I was sleepy so I really was also grateful that the bedroom is comfortable enough to sleep in and rest. Today I’ve close off many of the rooms and am going to let the a/c in the bedroom flow into the den and computer room and I hopefully will feel less uncomfortable today.

I have no plans to do anything special. I did want to tell you that Michael and Emily did qualify for a loan up to the limit they set of $90,000 so the house hunting will become serious now. I had hoped to go to a couple of open houses with Em today, but she and Michael are doing something with his sister and family so they are going, but not staying very long. Since it’s so hot I decided not to go. I know the relator will help them find something they like and can afford.

I am very grateful for my computer, but if your like me you get frustrated when it does things and you don’t know the cause and they are kind of weird. lol Like I posted just a few minutes ago and I noticed that it was not saving to draft as usual. In fact it would say, “you don’t have permission to do that” It’s always done it since I’ve been using WP at their site and although they have made some changes to the layout everything has always worked ok. Then I went to publish it and it took me back to the log in page. So I logged in and sure enough the post wasn’t there. Weird I tell you.

Not much else to chatter about. I guess I was so uncomfortable yesterday I forgot to post. So here is my Saturday Special

August 23rd

~Arts & Entertainment~

1. Favorite Quote or Saying? -“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” This is always there to remind me to make the best of a bad situation

2. Favorite Poem or Ode?– I love any poem written by Helen Steiner Rice. What a Godly person she was, but they do give permission for you to use her writings online. Unless they’ve changed as I use to post my favorites on my old domain and I got an email telling me I had to remove them. So I can’t post my favorite one here.

3. Favorite Line from a Play or Movie?-Not sure if this is exactly right, but “I’m not crazy Mylinn, people only like me cause I have more money than God!” Stated by my favorite character in Steele Magnolias, Wheezer. She was so real and funny!

4. Favorite TV Show of All Time?

– This is hard as I like so many, but I guess I’ll chose “Magumn PI” for I just loved Tom Sellek. He was funny, witty and sexy, lol.

Till next time….

Seed of kindness
will yield a bountiful
harvest of blessings.

~ Author Unknown~


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