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Closing my blog

Dear Blogging Friends, 


I know it’s been ages since my last post and although I have gotten over the sinus cold my allergies still have been very bad this year and I often just do not feel very good.  I know my silence worries many of you and I do apologize, but when I am down and not feeling good,  even depressed it seems to be my nature to withdraw.  I am so grateful that so many of you think of me.  I love each of you and hope in time I will feel up to continue visiting again, but as for blogging I have decided to close down.  My heart is just not in it anymore and I have decided I want to move on to something different.  What that is is what I am looking for.  I just won’t be spending as much time online as I use to.  I am not a good letter writer, but I do have many of your emails for those who visited me here often and so I’ll drop you a line now and then. 

Thank you my friends for you caring and love you have shown me over the many years I have been blogging.  I will leave this blog up so you may use the contact page to get a hold of me if you do not have my email. 

For each of you I wish only the best and many blessings.  I carry each of you here in my heart and have tons of memories to warm me always.  God Bless each of you. 



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